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Recovery in Order to Grow

Hope this isn’t a stupid question. I’ve been doing a 3-day whole body program for the last 10 weeks and am looking to move towards a 4 day split program after the 12th week.

I know that our muscles grow when we are out of the gym and more importantly we should allow for sufficient time to our bodies to recover in order to grow.

My question has to do with how can you tell if your body is recovering enough between workouts? or if you are underworking (and may need to increase volume,etc.?

So that I’ll be able to tell and adjust the volume and or frequency of the workouts.

If your growing, youre recovering. It’s as simple as that. Count calories and watch the scale until you can eyeball how much food you should be eating. If youre not growing, eat a little bit more until you do.

On a 4-day split, it’s damn near impossible to over-train. It is possible (and very common) to under-eat. Adjust your daily caloric intake to BWx20 and follow Bonez’s advice.

Progress from workout to workout is a good indicator.

What I’ve been doing recently though is using a program that counts how many times you click in 60 seconds, this is based off of something CT mentioned in his forum. He recommended measuring your jumps, but A) I can’t jump for shit, and B) I don’t have a way to measure it accurately. If the clicks fall far below baseline, I take it a bit easier in the gym.

Thanks guys, good advice.

Hey Chimera, what’s a click?

[quote]arzoo wrote:
Thanks guys, good advice.

Hey Chimera, what’s a click?[/quote]

Sorry, I meant how many times you can click your mouse, or pressing any button on the keyboard.