Recovery: I Have the Worst DOMS

Hey all, Avid reader first time posting/joining.

I train 4 times a week currently using Joe DeFranco’s west side training.

wed-speed training

my problem is my recovery. my upper body recovers fine thats not the problem. I warm up extremely good. 10 min bike, foam roller, dynamic stretching, neural activation, warm up sets. i take 20 g glutamine a day approx, more than enough protein, 275g range. i roll when im at home post workout. but my biggest thing is i have the worst DOMS. anyone else? what do people do?


Well, if you just started the new lifting template, this is entirely normal and will resolve with time. If not, you could try adding some light cardio at the end of a lifting session, or on a recovery day.

Shake before and after





Hot Bath also helps when it gets too bad

Any inflammatory control, Omega3’s, etc? You also may need to get some of your numbers dialed in a bit better. Like JSK said too, if you’re just changing your template, it should work itself out in a week or two. The only time I typically have any issues with DOMS is if I’m changing my workout significantly or after a longer than planned layoff.

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I am extremely interseted in this as well!


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Are you drinking any peri-workout stuff? Right now I take ANACONDA/MAG-10, and when I take Surge Recovery instead, I feel a biiiig difference with DOMS. I’m not suggesting you spend a crap-load on Anaconda/etc but taking in some quality protein and carbs can be very useful.

yah isoflex 35-40g, with 10 g glutamine, 40g dextrose. then meal when i get home…approx hr after training. my legs have been getting better. i mean im PRing every day so maybe that intense stimulus is just killing my legs. i obv still lift if i have doms just might have better results with no doms. im planning on taking a deload week soon, been doing really hard and like i said every workout is better than the last which is obv good, i keep a detailed log. im thinking about making an online one here, i may start that soon…

thank u everyone