recovery from neck hernia

I had a double hernia August '03 affecting C7, C8 root nerves leading to loss of strength in triceps/brachialis. It was conservatively treated but I still have significant weakness in these muscles. Does anybody have any idea about the time course of recovery from this nerve damage (if any) and any other therapies. I am having an EMG nerve conduction study done but what I can then do with the resulting info I don’t know. Upshot is, can I expect any more recovery? It is a small muscle group in itself but you sure miss them when they are not working properly!

sootybaby, I do have some nutritional/supplement recommendations to support healing of the nerve(s) and reduce inflammation. I’d recommend taking fish oil high in EPA/DHA (6-10g) in divided doses. Also start taking some r-ALA (which is better/more potent than regular ALA) at about 100mg per meal.

The above protocol is what I’ve used with my lateral epicondylitis (i.e., tennis elbow). My particular case did have a nerve entrapment/inflammation component.

Good luck to you! If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.