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Recovery from giving blood

I’m going to give blood tomorrow right before noon. What I’d like to know is how to best recover from giving blood… I was thinking getting plenty of rest and eating iron-rich foods, and getting enough water. I want to reduce the catabolic effects basically.
Also, I have a workout tomorrow evening. I’m pretty sure of the answer, but just checking anyway… you shouldn’t lift on the same day you give blood correct?

Correct. Do NOT lift on the same day you give blood. Don’t do cardio, either. You can get really light-headed really fast & pass out. Not pretty. Eat well, drink plenty of fluids, get a good night’s sleep, & you should be OK the day after.

(Also, if you have it in mind to party tomorrow night, know that giving blood makes you a very cheap drunk, so be careful. In fact, don’t even go there.)

T-Rev, fourteen years a blood-sucker

I’m not sure if you actually want to take extra iron men seem to get plenty to spare. I have heard it is good for men to donate blood for that reason… anybody in the know on this?

i used to work out just a few hours after giving blood and never had trouble with it, but some fell like shit the rest of the day. check out for yourself what you can take, just don’t push any limits and avoid risky lifts (bench, squat). as for nutrition you’r right, iron is important. lots of men have low levels too. usually this is checked before you’r donating so ask for your numbers and the lower limit. if you are close supplement a bit, otherwise red meat and stuff will do.

Yes, plenty of water and iron supplementation for a couple of weeks are in order after donating blood, sez I after having done it for thirteen times. I have tried and tested weight training the day after having donated blood and it did NOT work. I could barely lift the 20kg bar, let alone put any plates on it. But I have been able to train intensively two days after donating blood. So I’d suggest that you just rest for a couple of days and make sure to get enough water. Don’t bother even trying to train the same day, just take it easy and rest.