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Recovery from a Herniated Disc

Hey guys. 3 days ago while doing RDLs I felt a sharp pain in back which caused me to drop the bar. I went to the doctor and while I’m hoping I may have pulled a muscle my doctor believes I may have a herniated disc ( I had a positive crossed straight leg raise). I’m going back to the doctor tomorrow for a re-evaluation and a reading of my back imaging. The pain has gotten a lot better but my back still feels off. I’m wondering how long people take off from the gym and does anyone have a protocol/ exercise plan they used to get back into it? I saw Chad Waterbury had some advice online but I was looking for an exercise plan people have used, exercises to avoid, and movements that help with the condition. Any advice would be appreciated. Also I am 23 years, and have been lifting for 6 years if that makes any difference.

I’ve had a herniated disc for about 6 months now and I just started rehab. The only way it has affected my training is that I left out leg work for 6 months (was too lazy to do curls and extensions only) and now I do hip mobility, some isolation work and bodyweight exercises three times a week.

You can’t really take anyone’s advice on what exact exercises to avoid since it’s highly individual. My herniation isn’t a serious one but it still prevents all kinds of deadlifting and rowing that rely on back support.

Not sure if I can link but Google “herniated disc sumo deadlift” and read up on breaking muscles articles. Herniated disc in March, started following his advice 6 weeks ago and I am in no pain 90% the time and am lifting properly again.

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Sounds like something I have to check out.

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