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Recovery for Upper/Lower Compared to Full Body?

I am work with several men in their 50s and 60s at my home gym. We have been following Wendler’s 5/3/1 2x2x2 following the guidelines for assistance from His Forever book. We because of its flexibility and focus on all aspects of fitness. Also, most of us are very active in other outdoor activities.

With winter approaching we are thinking about going to an upper/lower, program something like the Triumvirate (just for a change of pace) with just having a heavy conditioning day on Saturday instead of Tuesday and Friday. Mobility and light conditioning is done everyday in some way.

Do you think recovery should be an issue lifting more days during the week but with the main lifts spread out more?


The only way to know is to try - however I’d probably advise you to go to lifting 3 days/week (one lift/day on a 9 day rotation). Stick with 3 total lifts (1 main lift, 2 assistance lifts) aka Triumvirate.
People really get caught up in trying to train 654 days/week and all that bologna. It’s the new gimmick in training - just like gluten was the enemy and the POSTERIOR CHAIN is king.

Remarkably, I can get 40 kids to set over 100 PR’s in 5 weeks - only training 2 days/week. So either I’m the greatest strength coach in the world (which I am clearly not) or something is rotten with most people’s training.

The point is this - don’t be afraid to go to 3 days/week PROVIDED you are still making progress and kicking ass. Don’t pre-plan your assistance exercises - pre-plan either “push, pull or single leg/core” but leave it at that. Make good game time decisions and you will be pleased with your queso.

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Thanks for the advice Jim. We will give it a shot.

Just to let you know we love your program and keep learning as we go. We all are at the age where we have no desire to be powerlifters or bodybuilder, we just want to enjoy life and the activities we pursue. Your program has made that possible for all of us.

Also, as a former educator, I appreciate you working with young people you do. They need people who care about them. Your impact will be greater than you will ever realize.

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Hi Jim,

I want to give this a shot but I like to squat as often as possible, at least two times per week because I love the squat, regardless if its the goblet squat, front squat, regular squat, box squat etc.

whats your “best” advice or what do you you recommend when I want to squat as often as possible or two times per week when I use a 9 day rotation? How would you incorporate another squat day or another variation?

also, can I use 5s PRO 5x5 FSL for the 9 day rotation?

thank you very much!

Just use the DB squat on either your bench or press day as an assistance exercise.


Thank you!

Last questions please,

-how many sets and reps or total rep goal for DB squats?
-can I use 5s PRO 5x5 FSL for the 9 day rotation?

Thats it, thank your very much!

Sets and reps for DB squat is up to you. Generally 25-100 total reps depending on your readiness and your program.

And yes, you can use 5 pro/5x5 FSL training 3 days a week.

Thank you very much for taking your time and answering my questions!!!