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recovery fever

On occasion, when I work certain muscle groups intensely, I get something I call a recovery fever. I usually have to train after work and before my last meal at night. I take advantage of the timing to have my last break about an hour to two hours before I get off work and I eat something preworkout. I then rush to the gym. After I train hard, I rush home to eat about 30 minutes later. And I usually eat a decent sized meal of mainly carbs and protein. (Usually good sources.) About a half hour to 45 minutes later (occasionaly as little as 15 minutes) I feel like I am going to pass out and am running a fever sometimes. If I manage to even have a short nap during this period I wake up fairly engerized. If I am able to sleep all night from this point I have virtuelly no recovery period. Is this common? Is that just some sort of well timed anabolic period? Can an anabolic state make you run a fever… mostly in the just trained areas? Should I try to counteract the infalmation and heat produced? Take a cold shower, maybe take some ibuprofin at the time I begin to want to pass out?

Is this a “fever” or is to the Thermic Effect of Food (TEF)? Some sweat and feel hot after eating, usually guys with faster metabolisms. Happens to me after a big than normal meal as well. But it’s not “fever” really.

i agree w/ TEK, but also look and make sure you are not overtraining… This use to happen to me, and I learned that I was over-training.

It’s not a real fever per say but if I take advantage of it properly I can put in a big workout and get great results. It happens especially when I train big muscle groups like the quads. When I decide to take that nap my quads will feel like they are on fire sometimes. If I get enough food and rest though, there is no other recovery period beyond that. Because of this effect I am thinking of training quads nearly every day on minimal volume to trigger it. I was just wondering if I should counteract it? Could the heat and inflamation be counterproductive? I am less flat the next day yet not sore when this happens. I feel like I literally burnt 1-2 lbs fat and replaced it with a little water and muscle when this happens. I know, 1-2 lbs is not going to happen in that period of time but I think growth is occuring more rapidly during these “fevers”.