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Recovery Drink for Lactose Intolerance


Hi CT,

About a month ago, I feel like I developed a minor allergy to lactose. Cottage cheese, which I used to eat every night with peanut butter, seemed to leave me with a bloated lower abdominal in the morning. An hour after I drank milk it would seem I started feeling hot and stomache uneasiness.

Anyways, if it is lactose intolerance, I was curious as to what sort of recovery drink I could use, seeing as the majority of them use whey concentrate. Is the Whey hydrolysate that is in Surge ok and lactose free? Or should I mix something of my own recovery drink using a protein Isolate and a maltodextrin combo?

Any other advice or tips on lactose intolerance would be appreciated seeing as I have no clue what im dealing with, being a life time milk and dairy lover.



For what it's worth, I'm severely lactose intolerant (my standard protein is egg white as I cannot handle whey or casein) and despite this I have no trouble digesting the hydrolyzed whey in Surge Recovery.


Isopure is lactose free whey.


If I remember correctly hydrolyzed whey has no lactose. You can't develop an allergy to it either, which is one of its benefits. I'm lactose intolerant and Surge works just fine.


Surge Recovery doesn't contain any lactose, so you'll be fine with it.


Yeah, whey hydrolysate is devoid of lactose


Can lastose intolerance cause a production a estrogen if lactose is consumed? I know it causes cortisol production too, but in what amount? enough to sabatage a cutting diet?