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Recovery Boots Worth It?

Yo yo yo,

So I just read about compex’s new recovery boot, as well as normatecs, but I’m a little perplexed. I presently have a foam roller, message gun and a muscle stimulation/tens unit. I can’t quite tell if a recovery boot would be different or would be redundant with what I got? I’m a weekend warrior/powerlifter-for the most part, save for sore shoulders and bad ankle sprains I’m injury free.

They’re not worth it unless you’re in the top 1% of athletes; have perfect training, nutrition, sleep and recovery; and have loads of expendable cash

I am seeing some fairly cheap, discounted units

I mean, it’s your $600 to burn but could you quantify the benefit you expect to get from these? How much more work would you want to be able to fit into your week for that $600? And will these boots.do it over better sleep, nutrition, active recovery,.etc?

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I’m seeing them, different brand, for like $79 and below on amazon. However, I take it from both y’all, they aren’t even worth that much given my current inventory, current athletic status, and the time spent using them

My thing is more, god forbid, if I turn my ankle really badly again-happened a few times this year, if this could heal it much quicker than other options that I currently have

A compression garment will have minimal ability to help your sprains heal faster.

Why are you spraining your ankle so often?

We got a portable hot tub for $700. It’s been great, worth every penny.

Ye dis and even then you’d be better off investing in making nutrition and sleep more perferter because it can never be perfectest


Yeah. If I had $700 to blow on training I would pay a coach

man this makes me doubt the unit’s effectiveness even more.

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Interested in this as well.

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2x this year playing basketball. So it’s not that often, just took a while to heal is all

do you strap your ankle to play and/or do any prehab?