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Recovery and Frequency


If someone was on a low dose of say 200mg of Test, would you increase the frequency, volume or both of your program? I have heard conflicting info. I am bumping my TRT dose to a blast/cruise type of thing, and I was planning to double the frequency... I was going to go to a push/pull/legs type of program hitting each bodypart 2x per week with 1 day off.

I know the dose is small, but what are your thoughts in general to this issue?


Theres more than one way to find success.

Generally speaking, frequency and volume are inversely related. Find what works for you and bust your ass.


I have seen jacked freaks that train on a 10 day split, and the biggest mofo I know (270lbs @ 6'3 abs defined) trains on a 2 day split and swears by it.

x2 on Bonez, do what you feel works best.