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Recovery and coming back

I am in my 50’s training for 15 years, I’ve been in a recovery cycle now for about 8 weeks,I did the right thing with HCG ed two weeks into my recovery and clomid thought my cycle and post two weeks. I find my energy level very very low in fact I find it difficult to get to the gym on a regular basis. My question is to ask if this is normal and if there is anything I can do to feel better while in my recovery cycle. Basically I’m feeling let shit

first of all hcg post cycle is not a good idea. secondly you need to comtinue the clomid for a lot longer than 2 weeks.

Yah continue the clomid or switch to nolvadex and take for up to 8 weeks! Also try Cy’s protocol - steroids for health 2003

You and I are about the same age. I just colpeted my second cycle and I do not use clomid during but use it for 6 weeks after along with andro gel for 3 weeks. I then will stay clean for another 2 weeks before I start again. Also I do use Red Kat post cycle and that helps to. Then again, it depends on what u are using. My cycle consisted of 400 test cyp, 300 primos, 300 winny. If your doctor is like mine, I get my test, pins, clomid and andro gel with a script.

If you used the HCG for the first 2 weeks post injections thats ok if you were using long esters. HCG can actually inhibit recovery by reducing sensitivity to LH. At your age your gonna be a little slow on the recovery and also theres a big gap between supraphysiological levels while “on” and levels that your body at your age would support naturally.
In short some of it could be psycological.
But I would definately get back on the clomid for atleast another month, or actually until your comfortable in the gym again. Clomids cheap and it won’t hurt you. It takes awhile but hang in there you’ll get back at it soon enough.

Thanks for all the info. I’ll jump back on the Clomid for a couple of more days and start with OTC suppluments like Red Kat M1T etc. Someone said it was 1/2 in my head and I think they are right, mind set is a big factor in weight training (at my age), the better you look the better you feel and vise versa…stay well…Lookin Good (or at least tryin)

Clomid can cause vision deterioration when used over prolonged periods (but I assume these periods to be longer than a month.)

Sounds like the clomid making you feel crap, always makes me feel down. Try nolvadex and throw some tribex in. Otherwise just tough it out with clomid.