Recovery After Sickness

Background: lifting seriously for 8 months

Seven weeks ago I had to wait outside in 30 degree weather for 2 hours in a polo shirt and jeans. Next week I went the gym, however I had to drop the bar during my squat because I was getting light-headed. When I feel sick and have to quit the gym early, I steam with anger.

Anyway I visited my doctor and he prescribes a Z Pack antibiotic. He said I had a sinus infection. A week passes and I’m still sick, so I called him up for another check-up/antibiotic. A prescription of Avelox, a stronger antibiotic, is given to me. One and a half week pass, however I still feel light-headed, experience headaches. I knew that I wasn’t myself because I would get out of breath, dizzy after doing trivial exercises, i.e. walking up a flight of steps.

Feeling sick, I saw a better doctor who told me to take Augmentin, a stronger antibiotic, and Rhinocort, a steroid. Following the completion of this dosage, I still feel sick. He says I need a Cat scan because I experience headaches and still feel light-headed often. Plus, my sex drive isn’t as extremely high as usual( I’m 21 years old). So, I go to get the Cat scan, but the damn script wasn’t faxed correctly.

Note: I don’t hide from the gym or want this break. I don’t feel the same as before this sickness.

How should I deal with this issue?

Cliff notes: sick for 7.5 weeks with sinus infection, symptoms: light-headed, gets fatigued easily, awaiting cat scan, haven’t lifted in 7.5 weeks, pissed off.

bump :-/

bizarre. i caught a virus this autumn and took about 4 weeks to recover. lost 20lbs too. it definitely sucked. i rested and waited it out.

i know it’s hard, but worry about getting better before the gym. In 2 years from now, this will have little affect on your overall progress, everyone has setbacks you just have to deal with them properlly and in your case, find out what’s wrong with you and get better.