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Recovery After Pneumonia

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Than whats the Issue? Get over it and grow a pair …So you got Pneumonia and arent over it yet. Plenty of guys on this forum have had worst to deal with.

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Arms literally look the exact same. Calm the fuck down, and take your time. Just keep training. The fact that you talked about feeling the same after stopping creating says enough. Just keep training and eating.

Wanted to add too, sometimes, after being sick or injured, coming back to the same routine doesn’t have the same effect. Switch up routines and try new shit. The new stimulus may have a good effect on you and you can progress better.

Appreciate the advice man - but its noticeably smaller, maybe the pictures aren’t doing justice… i mean, how ever it happened ( whether it was sickness, or the weird antibiotics I took ) I am noticeably smaller now, should i expect to recover in ANOTHER month (since its been a full month already of being healthy?) or maybe 2 more to gain the size back?

I will second @oldbeancam Calm down in the scheme of things a month is nothing in actual lifting terms… have you lost allot body weight and strength?

Strength no…weight i’ve lost about 8 pounds or so? It’s weird that no strength has been lost, my lifts never changed throughout the course of this…just the “density” of the muscle? I guess thats no different than size. It just feels like ever since i took those antibiotics, everything feels weaker, like its been hollowed out

You should talk to an MD. With us being laypeople its impossible to say, but there are some possible neurological side effects.

Been to the MD’s, gotten bloodwork and urine tests, all normal…what side effects? …Will they go away soon?

Like I said, as a layperson (me) that is impossible to say, especially over the internet.

Read up on it. Use google. Wikipedia (yeah, yeah, I know) has a page on it.

Read the wiki page… nothing like I have unfortunately. Lost here.

Any other thoughts would be super helpful…Muscles appear to be “flattened, thin” compared to normal


Bench 400lb. If you still look the same as you do now, then come ask for help.

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Pic on left is week before I took cipro. Pic after is 3 weeks after and 10 pounds heavier (tried eating to gain back what I lost, did not work).

Look man, it’s evident you lost some size. Suck it the fuck up and just train. You have to work to get back. Most of us here have went through things, some extremely worse than others. Stop worrying about your fucking arms and worry more about surpassing what you were before.

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