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Recovery After Oxydrol

 After a six week cycle of Oxydrol with Nolvadex taken every other day, what is the best product to take next and for how long? Are there any over the counter supplements or herbal remedies for rehabilitation?

Hmm.. Would it be a waste to only take one 50mg of drol a day for the first week of the cycle?
And uhh�?� I have 2ml of Deca and 3ml of Sustanon 300 how much and often to I administer them on the 3rd week?


It took me exactly 6 seconds to figure out you have not the slightest clue about what the hell you're doing.


Wow, you really shouldn't have posted that. A drol cycle, one pill every other day, are you kidding me? With noladex every other day.. Did you even do any PCT or manage to keep any type of gains? Then you ask what you need to take next.

You don't need to take anything. You need to do some research first, then come back with a sensible question. I'm not trying to be a dick but it is painfully obvious that you know very little about the drugs you are putting in your body.


50mg drol twice every day and 1 noladex every other day. OOPS, I'm not an english major and NO I haven't even taken the shit yet. THAT IS WHY I ASKED!


oh and let me not forget to add my one a day milk thistle, one a day of omega 3, and one a day flintstone multi vitamin


You need to get way more test and deca in order to run a decent cycle. Hold off on the gear and do some more research.


1)Don't run a SERM during a cycle save it for PCT or an emergency.
2)Run an AI during the cycle.
3)You have enough deca and test for 1 week, these should be ran for at least 10.

I stand by my original statement, you need to do further research before you consider using AAS.


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You only take one flinstone vitamin per day. Your nuts. Even Fred and Barney say that two per day makes you swole.