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Recovery After Illness, Jetlag


Ok so 2 weeks ago I got cold/flu symptoms. Very tough ones, took me 10 days to heal and during the process I had to travel with 9 hours timezone difference, 60 hours of travel in 5 days etc…

In a result, I am wasted. I feel empty, libido dropped next to zero, overslept the first 2 days back home, then I now find sleep very difficult to get.

I am sore everywhere (pain / neck), get easily stressed.

Looking for a supp plan (I just take now foods B-50 right now)…

Any ideas / feedback ?


I just traveled from East Coast US to S. Korea and back in 10 days. Just when I got used to Korea time, I was on a plane again. The one supplement that saved my bacon is Natural Calm. I hit that stuff at night to get me to sleep when my body was just waking up.

I still feel like dog shit, and my recovery after workouts is probably 2 times the normal length (3-4 days intead of 2), but I have been intentionally taking it easy until the end of April. Early May I will hit the weights hard again, but until then I am simply in maintenance mode. to give that some context, I have been running Wendler’s 5/3/1 for the past 8 months, and since my travels, I have been doing week 4 as maintenance.