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Recovery After Cycle/PCT

Hey guys, do you find you don’t feel 100% back to normal after cycle, even with a proper pct and time off? I don’t know if it’s just the mental state of being on that I enjoy so much more so that when off I feel kind of “flatlined”, and after having such a high libido while on it seems to be lower than before even after pct and recovery. Just wondering if anyone else finds the same or if you feel 100% as you did pre cycle after pct and some time off.

How long ago did you finish PCT? This is pretty normal for several months after fishing PCT in my experience.

About 8 months ago, I can get it up and everything but not as intense or frequently as before, tbh I’m not sure if it was always like this (and this “Issue” is just in my head) or I just got so used to the intensity of it while being on that now it just doesn’t seem as easy or frequent and my libido doesn’t seem as strong.

Have you done pre and post cycle labs? Do your numbers show that they are back to pre cycle numbers ?

I have not done any pre or post blood work.
Any sides I had from the cycle went away after stopping and during pct, and everything else felt good just my libido seems to be lacking.

This is why pre and post labs are so beneficial. You might be right that this was your norm and you’re just remembering how great it was on cycle, or you could have not fully recovered. It’s anyone’s guess at this point without lab work. Hope you feel better though!

There is this saying in psychology and I am definitely altering it for this purpose but the meaning is there.
If a guy has a long hard stressful day and at night his dick doesn’t immediately jump to, it because he is rightfully tired and such. The second time it happens, he has incurable ED.

The point being, first relax we have plenty of tools at our disposal and I promise in one way or another this issue will be addressed.
I would say the first step is blood work, you need to see if you have even gotten your natural production back up to “in range” and that is pretty vague given no pre blood work but it’s what we have to work with. If the test is back up, hey maybe after your rollercoaster smash fest steroid cycle trying to have “normal” fucking then it just isn’t quite as exciting and you will have to find ways to stimulate and tickle your pickle. Big whoop. If your levels are low then you have to assess, do you want to go through with trying to address a long term suppressed state, and you haven’t really been suppressed the past 8 months but you have been in a non or low Testosterone producing state so all of that is hibernating and it can be hard to wake up. You can try a number of things to address it but that could be even more stress added to your situation, the hoping and doing and hoping then waiting to see and all that. Of course that is worse case, just so you are prepared for it then when it gets fixed with something simple you feel extra relieved. Then comes the option we warn all new comers of, you might have to accept that your body isn’t going to get back into a “normal” range that feels and functions right. The answer to that is long term hormone replacement therapy. That should be your last option.

Chances are you are just taking an extended time to get back to full production, keep that in mind if you ever want to cycle again.

Get blood work then get back to us. I guarantee multiple guys here have experience or some second hand knowledge from their AAS buddies.