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Recovery After Abdominal Surgery

Last year I heve gone under surgery by surprise. A tumor has blocked my intestine. Four days later I got into an emergency surgery, as nobody knew anything about what the fuck was going on.

Now, after 7,5 months I was getting back slowly to my strength training. Deadlifting my BW for reps without any pain, for example. I’ve been cleared by my surgeon way before that.

I’m into a preventive chemotherapy protocol, 21 sessions have gone with 3 more to go.

The thing is, I tryed negative chinups this week and on my third rep I felt a burning pain on my upper abdominal. Nothing on my vertical scar, on the muscles. 3 days later I feel nothing.

It looks my abs are weak as fuck and will take a lot longer to get back on track. Any sugestions about exercises I can do to speed up the process?

Thanks a lot, guys.