Recovery After Abdominal Surgery

Last year I heve gone under surgery by surprise. A tumor has blocked my intestine. Four days later I got into an emergency surgery, as nobody knew anything about what the fuck was going on.

Now, after 7,5 months I was getting back slowly to my strength training. Deadlifting my BW for reps without any pain, for example. I’ve been cleared by my surgeon way before that.

I’m into a preventive chemotherapy protocol, 21 sessions have gone with 3 more to go.

The thing is, I tryed negative chinups this week and on my third rep I felt a burning pain on my upper abdominal. Nothing on my vertical scar, on the muscles. 3 days later I feel nothing.

It looks my abs are weak as fuck and will take a lot longer to get back on track. Any sugestions about exercises I can do to speed up the process?

Thanks a lot, guys.

if i was on your place my friend i will do some push ups and dumbells before meals at home just to live the pump and feel my insulin sensitivity
this is about exercises
don’t go to the gym you are under a treatment that weakens the body
ask your doctor if you can take supplement to strengthen your immune system during and after the treatement
I wish you success and happiness