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Recovery Advice

After breaking the 40 barrier it seems no matter if it’s lifting or sports, I need days to recover. I am finding it damn hard to get in shape when it takes two days just to move again.
Any help with supplements that would get me moving again faster, i’m all ears

Actually what helps me is mini-workouts between major training sessions, ones that don’t stress me but get the blood moving.

Massive amounts of protein also shorten that recovery period for me. I work out every other day, but not the same muscle groups.

doing the each muscle group once per week gives me plenty of time to recover. maybe altering the routine will help some. i dont really take any supplements.

Don’t skimp on warming up, and warming down, either. The best way to recover from DOMS is blood flow.

Have you had your cholesterol checked lately?

Excessive soreness is a sign of poor circulation and if you’re active, then you have to look at poor nutrition as a possible source. Are your hands and feet cold?

Supps that help with circulation are all the “heart healthy” ones like fish oil, vitamin E, etc.

I have to do much to manage active rest or active recovery

active recovery helps.
whether it be swimming
some bodyweight calithenics
or a some sprints…

or like skid said some mini workouts between big ones You need to get blood back into the muscles to clear out the lactic acid.

I also do a ton of foam/ball rolling
mobility work, and I try to use some yoga and pilates poses and postures to alleviate
stiffness and soreness

eating more helps too.
the big secrets Ice and epsom salt baths.

My work is physical I work in television/film production and I get beat up allot.

Work Training, and renovating a weekend house
I get jacked up.
Salt baths are amazing.


Hello old pipes

Could you post your routine (exercise and work),so we could evaluate ? And what does your sleep and diet look like?

My experience- is that being older gives you on and off days. Some days you all most feel 18 and others you could use a wheel chair. I have learned to slowly push through the low energy days.

Well here we go. First I don’t get sore except after a long break and then lifting hard and heavy. This is what I do to keep myself free from soreness.

I stretch: In the morning, before, during & after workouts, several times during the day, before bed.

I warm-up: before I do anything.

I take recovery drinks after all workouts.

Most important, I have no stress tension. I have learned to stay relaxed and how to relax when shit happens.

I don’t believe there is any one thing that prevents soarness. Then again it may be genetic or determined by muscle fiber type. Best of luck in finding what works for you.