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Recovery advice needed

Hello. I have a 3v3 soccer tournament tomorrow, and I want to make sure I get the best recovery possible. We have three games tomorrow and two on Sunday. Not full length obviously, but each game is two-12 min. halves.
Last year I could barely get out of bed for day two, literally. I have Surge, glutamine, Vit. C and E, Power Drive, E/C, dextrose powder as well as a malto/dextrose/fructose blend, and creatine. Being that the games are shorter length, how much and what do I need? I doubt I need a full serving of Surge after each game, but obviously this is the best I have to use. Also, how about non-supplement methods for recovery…contrast showers, stretching??? And how about the pre-game meal? I’ve been using JB’s Massive Eating protocols (no carbs prior to workouts, but I’m sure I’m going to need some for this). I get up at 6:30 and we play at 9. Maybe a combo of oatmeal w. Grow and a banana? Any advice is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks a bunch!


OK aging, I am gonna give you the low down ok. As for alternate methods of recovery, I would suggest ice/heat therapy. Hot/cold shower work well. Massage is also VERY helpful. I am also a soccer player and this was taught to me before I came to the US. Vigorous massage going TOWARD the heart after your game will help eliminate the lactic acid from your muscles. I know this sounds crazy but, lay on the ground, and have someone shake your legs like hell. I mean REALLY shake the shit out of them. I found this to be very helpful also. As for stretching, do PNF stretching before your game. Or ballistic stretching. This is better preparation than that stretch and hold crap. Remember, your an athlete so train like one. Your days in the gym will be spent different from that of a bodybuilder. Your priorities should be endurance, speed, and agility. Strength is important but NOT AS important. Hope this helps.

What they taught us at football (American) preseason was to lay with your legs up high against a wall so the lactic acid drains back down. It kinda helped. Taking some ephedrine might help you get through the day. Hope this helped.