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Recovery Adding Heavy Bag Work or HIIT to Simple Strength & Size Program?

I’m running Christians SS&S program as written. I’m wondering if it would be realistic for me to do heavy bag work outs on top of that 1-2x a week (I box) or anything other high intensity aerobic activity. Would it impede my recovery too much?

Yes it would. Hardest program ever.

It is an amazingly demanding program as it is. Adding anything to it might not even stop progression, but make you regress

What if I significantly cut down the lower body volume just to maintain? My numbers are already high

Why not just do something else? He has programs that are significantly less demanding. If the primary goal is boxing or conditioning, you can find a program that complements that vs. picking a program that’s opposed and adjusting it to make fits.

Just my $0.02

Then it’s not the same program. I would suggest looking to another one or building a new program based on what you want to develop.

Thanks all for the warnings. Just realized that this program is hard as ph*ck. Hard to get through half of a workout without thinking about giving up