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Recovering From Type II Diabetes



I've recently been diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Have you got any dietary or exercise advice that will help me make a speedy recovery? Anyone been through this before?

Thank you



There is no recovery, but you can drastically help your condition.

Exercise #1. Cardio and weight training (duh)

Nutrition: reduce refined sugar intake, reduce refined carb intake. Increase veggies and fruits, eat protein with every meal. Eat smaller meals.... ahh hell, just follow Berardi's 7 Habits.


Which type of training do you think would have more benefits in increasing insulin sensitivity? Powerlifting or bodybuilding? Natural rep speed or powerful?


I'm pretty sure Tiribulus mentioned that he was able to come off his meds whilst on the AD... I could be wrong though, best to PM him.

Either way, type II is reversible depending on how far you've pushed yourself.


My girlfriend got slammed with a high blood sugar and ketoacidosis episode about a year ago. We both did a lot of research, and she started using the following supplements as soon as she was released from the hospital (including 2 1/2 days in the ICU).

After one month, the doctor took her off insulin, she continues to take metformin, and she hasn't had an abnormal blood glucose reading since the third week after she was released from the hospital.

Supplements that helped immediately:
Fenugreek standardized for 4-hydroxyisoleucine for increased insulin secretion when eating carbs; Chromium, biotin, alpha lipoic acid, and banaba leaf standardized for corosolic acid for increased insulin sensitivity; and
Gymnema sylvestre and benfotiamine to reduce HbA1c.

Also, she used a combo of red yeast rice extract and niacin, with Co-Q10 to bring her triglycerides and cholesterol down, along with NAC and milk thistle to counter abnormal liver and kidney readings. Remarkably, at both the 3 month and 6 month mark, her blood and urine work showed everything to be normal. she's 51, but she's been a "T-Woman" for all of her adult life, so we believe that also had to have been a major factor in her quick recovery.

Other supplements that we believe have a positive impact on blood sugar metabolism include magnesium, carnosine, carnitine, cinnamon, bitter melon, mulberry, and apple cider vinegar.

As with anything on the internet, do your own due diligence - don't just take my recommendations as gospel. That said, I truly believe that these supplements can help a reasonably fit individual.


Welcome to our very large crowd. Age 66, diabetic type II
due to a high temperature infection some 9 years or so ago.

There are a lot of things you can do and 80% of them are diet and supplements. The following is just a part of what I do, and my doctors are very surprised at how well all this works.

First comes a very good multi vitamin/mineral, a mangesium/potasium in an asportate base 250mg X4@ day(GNC), 8 x 1000mg or more of fish oil. Incidently Krill oil(expensive) is like fish oil on steroids(per Poliquin), 2x100mg of Lifeplus.com Proanthanols.

Your eating will change drastically. Oatmeal, banana and eggs are among the breakfasts of the day for diabetics. Out on the internet find a Dr. Julian Whitaker MD, buy his 3 year subscription, and you will start to learn how to handle this. Download the low glycemic food list and it is your new friend. Booze no longer exists. 4oz red wine with supper and that is it.

Weight wise, it takes longer for diabetics to heal. Heal such as in repair. I work out 2 times a week to get in a full heal/recovery. Best thing is after every meal take a 10+ minute walk. Aerobics are your new best friend, ie sugar burner.

On the WWW find a Dr. Coooper MD in Dallas Texas who has more research on file and the tip of his tongue that you can imagine. It is possible for your MD to one day lower your prescribed meds. I only personally know one lady who did it. You and I should hope to have her determination. Yes you do need to blood/sugar test daily to know where you are health wise. Guessing is BS.

That wasn't what you wanted to hear was it?


Resurrecting an old thread here. Do you have more information on this Dr Cooper? Does he have a website?


It seems that supplemental cinnamon has beneficial effects on serum glucose


I'm guessing he is referring to the founder of the Cooper Aerobic Institute here in Dallas. It's off of Preston, just north of Forest Lane. Google it.


Easy answer here. 6 months into weight lifting, 40 pounds lost, blood sugar and A1C completely normal after battling for 4 years to try and reduce. It was the combination of the weight loss and the deadlifts and squats. I avoid potatoes, bread, rice, pasta. My brother takes insulin and when he cuts these types of carbs back his numbers fall significantly. More important than sugar, in my experience.