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Recovering from The Day Long Flu


Hey guys.

So yesterday (day after my leg workout) I came up with the flu. I ended up vomiting from about 8 in the morning to 8 at night, didn't really eat much, and when I did I couldn't keep it down.

Today I feel a lot better, but am curious on how to approach recovery. I know the day long flu isn't a HUGE deal but I do know that a day of no food+vomiting isn't all that great for you (I puked my freakin guts out).

What do you guys suggest?


The first half of this month I had the flu with the works. Couldn't eat more than a few bites the first few days, after that I just got my kcals in. Pizza, meat, rice, etc. etc. I avoided lactose products because of the extra slime production. My strength levels decreased a bit, but didn't loose any significant lbm, I even lost some bodyfat.


Eat some food. Maybe take the day off. Then it's back to business as usual.


Just try to start gradually eating like a monster again? I feel a lot better today but I don't wanna push my limits with my stomach. I also plan on making re-hydration a strong point today.

Might try and work shoulders and back tomorrow but if not I will just do a neural charge workout to try and get back into the groove, which seems to maybe be the better option.


That sucks man, even if I'm sick I train, when possible because sometimes you just feel like pure crap.