Recovering From Parasites

This sucks. I had diarrhea for over a month, and through homophobic fear of the doctor shoving something up my ass I lived with it. Well, a month went by and I couldn’t take it anymore so I went to see the doc, and he gave me the option of taking a few pills, or having stuff crammed up my ass and then giving a stool sample. I opted for the pills.

So, after a week and a half of three different tpyes of meds, I am cured. Hopefully. We’ll see in the next week or two if I am back to normal for good.

But, here comes the damage report. Previously, at thanksgiving, I was 6’2 220 15% BF. Now…I weighed in at the doctor at a measly 198…WITH MY CLOTHES ON!! I’m hoping most of what I lost was water weight…but I am weaker than before. Alot weaker. I’m pretty disappointed with myself right now for being stupid and not seeking help earlier. But I did around a week into it, and the doc told me it was my body fighting it off. Well my body got it’s ass beat.

Oh well, sorry for the rant. I just feel down about it and needed to get it off my chest. Whining makes me happy.

I’ll never eat chinese food again.

I have had 3 knee surgaries watching my legs go down to the bone, 2 shoulder dislocations, ripped a nail off out of the bone, herniated discs, torn rotators.

Each time I couldn’t train for sometime, and lost some weight

You know what it comes back quick, your desire to train goes up, muscle growth sometimes goes faster cause of the time off. Despite the scale weight

watch in 4 workouts of each muscle you’ll be feeling back to where you were.

So sorry to hear about your gut problems. What hit you? Was it amoebic dysentary?

I imagine the doc prescribed you some pretty strong antibiotics. I would strongly recommend you make natural yoghurt a part of your daily diet for a while–the kind with acidophilus, usually found at health food stores. If possible, make your own, or at the very lest take acidophilus pills. I’ve been stricken with both dysentary and giardia but probably the worse part ws the intestinal yeast infection that resulted from the imbalance of my intestinal flora, which was brought on by the antibiotics which killed everything in my gut, good and bad.

Hang in there, and eat carefully. You’ll bounce back, but it’ll take time. For years my average weight was 160lbs (I’m still a little guy at about 5’6") but my intestinal problems took me down below 140. Now I’m at 170 and climbing. The energy and strength will come back with time.