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Recovering from Knee injury - How?

Hey there.
My brother injured his knee about a month ago on Wing Tsun training. He just had his plaster taken off 12 days ago.
He twisted it on the inside. The knee-cap was moved. No knee ligaments were torn.

Hed had knee problems in the past too on both of his legs. The other knee had almost twisted the same way a while ago on Muay Thai training.

Let me note that when he was training Muay Thai and peformed a right-straigth punch his right knee was rotating further in than his toes. Perhaps his adductors are weaker than the quadriceps i suspect.

A guy from our country that my bro believes knows a lot about strength training suggested after the rehab doing a six months of all kinds of machine training before starting with deadlifts and squats again.

Is that the correct scheme for this kind of injury or what shall my brother do? His main training goal is to perform safely at Wing Tsun an strengthen his knees.

I’ve already posted this in the “New Cressey Thread”. Hope you don’t mind me asking here too.