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Recovering From Internal Surgery



Anyone had any major internal surgeries,appendicitis,gut,liver, etc the non-lifting type. I have gone through 2 operations and associated 7 day hospital stays in the last month. Lost 35 lbs, under 200 lbs first time since my 20's. Finally recovering. My questions are if you had anything like this how quick did you resume training? What limitations did you have? Did it effect you mentally? How did you adjust your training?

I see my doc next week and we'll discuss what's possible. Just looking for expierences...good luck to all.



It took me six months after each of my abdominal surgeries before I was back in the full swing of things. I got back in the gym after about two months, but nothing intense. Basically I started over after each surgery.

Mentally, it was a LOT tougher to come back from. I was in the hospital longer than a week for all 5 of my surgeries, and watching my progress yo-yo fucked me up in the head. My body recovered my quickly than my mind. In fact I still suffer from the shit I went through, especially because I have had complications that has put me in the hospital once or twice a year since the last surgery, which was ten years ago.

However, I never gave up training because I feel if I quit, I have given up on myself, and have lost my fighting spirit. The mental fight to overcome my odds has contributed greatly in who I am today. Considering all that I have been through, I have done a hell of a lot to not let it beat me.


It took me a year I had heart surgery at 37 years old 6 years ago ( valve replacement ) fun stuff now I'm back and stronger and bigger than before. Start off light and work up to where you were. it will all come back


Thanks A.