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Recovering From Fractured Scaphoid


hey guys, just wondering anyone here got experience with a broken wrist? specifically the scaphoid bone and how it affected ure trainin afterwards. I'm lookin to find out how long it took for people to get back to usin the kind of weights they were before the break.

I broke mine in october it was in a cast for 8 weeks, i've had physio and been back in the gym for a month now, it isnt completely better yet, i cant do bench with any sort of weight, even just the bar hurts, and dumbell rows hurt like hell aswell, lyin tricep extensions hurt, but i've noticed if i bring my thumbs round to the other side of the bar so they're next to my fingers it doesnt hurt as much.

it was my left hand, i'm 18, and i'm currently not sticking to any fixed workout, just doin plenty of compound movements with one or two isolations thrown in per workout, and i workout 3 days a week, if any of this matters lol

Any advice/experience is greatly appreciated

Thanks, Cymreig