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Recovering From Food Poisoning


Thursday night before the gym I had some extra lean ground beef as part of a meal. While i was at the gym i felt like i was going to be sick (lets be serious, this feeling is nothing new for most of us so i didn't pay it much attention). After my workout was done i downed my Spike + creatine, went home and relaxed for a little before eating my PW meal.

After eating something still didn't feel right so instead of staying up and eating again, i just went to bed. Long story short, i got food poisoning from the beef i ate (there is a recall in ontario, i have great luck).

Now it has been a few days and i am feeling fine now, but I still cant get my appetite up and im having trouble eating the same portion sizes as before.

Anyone have any tips or advice on how to fix this quickly, I've never had food poisoning before lol.


I am probably the resident expert on food poisoning. I am a Brit living in Mexico and I love the street food here.

There are lots of different types of food poisoning, some that just go through you in 24-48 hrs leaving nothing more than a mess in your toilet and some that linger around for ages coming back and making you feel like death.

From the symptoms that you are describing it doesn't sound like anything too bad. You have not mentioned sharp abdominal pain, dizzyness, halucinations, cold sweats or high fever which are the kind of symptoms that you get with the bad stuff. (I had a bout of Typhoid last year which I seriously recommend for rapid weight loss.)

Given that you don't have any of the above, what you need to do when you first get food poisoning is eat nothing for 24 hrs. Just plenty of fluid while your system flushes through. (sounds like you are already past this stage)

Stage two is to continue with plenty of fluids and add steamed rice, chicken broth, brown toast (no butter) and hard boiled eggs. After a day of this you can start to reintroduce normal food, obviously taking it easy, avoiding chillis or whatever for a few days.

If your symptoms persist, definitely go and see a doctor.

(caveat, I am not a doctor, if you die it is your own fault)


hey man thanks for the response. I had sweats and was extremely warm for all of friday/saturday morning, but aside from a bit of a headache im fine now. Im guessing from your post that i just have to wait it out until my stomach will go back to allowing me to eat large portions again.


Bumping an old thread because I just recovered after a short bout. Ate some moldy grapes not knowing it. Couldn't sleep that night, as soon as I stood up I vomited at least 4 lbs of shit into the toilet (weighed myself before and after just to test it). I kept drinking water and throwing up again and again until I could safely drink a full glass. This helped me sleep. Next day was characterized by a lack of appetite, muscle weakness, and a throbbing headache. I drank gatorade, juices, olive oil, milk, and gainer shakes to get calories in until I could eat solid foods again. If I had to go 24 hours without consuming any kind of substantial calories I would probably pass out, or be very unhappy. The next day, I was generally better.

Summary: Drink water and throw up until that shit is out of you. Consume massive amounts of liquid calories to prevent atrophy. Sleep as much as possible.

Last time I had food poisoning it lasted for 5 days because I was pretty stupid about treating it. Figured this might help some people.


If you ever feel sick against castro oil and enemas. You'll thank me.


True, you have to get that shit out of your stomach AND intestines.

But like a previous poster: I am not a Dr so if you die, its your fault.