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Recovering from Double Hernia surgery

Well, I’m back at home now after spending 9 days at my grilfriend’s place after my double inguinal hernia operation. The first 36-48 hours really sucked but after that it was pretty good. I stopped taking t-3’s after 43-1/2 days. Well, I took the odd one here and there after I slipped on ice and such but nothing consistant. IYesterday I removed the last dressing over my wounds and I’m surprised how quickly they’re closing up. I also put somne Vitamin E oil over top the wounds in order to reduce scarring.
On Turhsday ir Friday I plan to get back to the gym and do some rows on the row machine, some cardio on the elyptical (no impact) cross trainer and some body weight squats. I plan to be back in order by the end of February. I can do a light jog right now but I’m not going to risk tearing something, besides just because the outside is healing quickly and even though I feel fine, my insides probably need quite some more time to heal up.

Take care.

good luck. i am recoverying from a hernia operation as well. 6 weeks tomorrow. I was training for 10 k when i noticed it. i ran the 10k anyway. i had to wait about four weeks after i noticed it to get the surgery because the doctor i wanted to use was conducting training in india and was very backlogged. i’m glad i waited because i think my recovery was better than most. i hit the gym light 2 weeks after my operation and my doctor yelled at me. i’ve been lifting progressively heavier, but still not really straining yet. maybe about 75% of what i was doing before i started training for the run.

I’ve been trying to figure out whether or not to have this done this winter. This is the best off season i’ve had so far and I’d hate to blow that up with time off.
I’ve had a noticeable hernia 2" above my navel since I was a kid and it never bothered me till now. My wife, an RN figures the increased weight lifting, heavy games and age have made it gradually weaker and it would be better to have it done now than when it becomes an emergency.
Glad to here that the recovery may not be as bad as i had feared.