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recovering from BFL

Hi my name is Jerome and Im a (sniff) recovering Body for Lifer. 3 years ago I accepted the “challenge”- only to see my hopes and dreams washed away in leg extensions! I’m even a EAS special member- you know the “club” where they give you special glimpses of their cutting edge supplements. You know- you pay $80 for the supplement and two weeks later its in GNC for $40. What an exclusive club! I guess that other 40 bucks goes into Bill Phillips butt! However I have found hope at the end of this journey- a year and a half ago I stumbled upon this site, and the truth has set me free! Ive gained 20 pounds of muscle in this span and have created MUSCLE FOR LIFE! Thank you to t-mag and all the great people who post on here! Anybody else hate BFL/MM/EAS? I would love to hear about it!

BFL is a mixed blessing - it is great to get people motivated and started, but then it is a disservice to all when the program claims to be the only thing you will ever need for the rest of your life. That is where BP made his mistake.

On the contrary, I think MM is improving quite and bit and I think it will only get better as I have a small glimpse into the future of the magazine.

EAS still makes some good stuff but they are headed in the Twinlab direction - make everything whether it is good or bad as long as someone will buy it. I think that is a poor way to do business and is completely against the original business model of the company.

Oh well, they've just left that whole market wide open for Biotest and that is a good thing for all of us.

I hear you bro. 3 years ago, I bought into the whole BFL thing. After reading all the success stories, I too wanted to have a success story of my own and lose a lot of weight and gain some muscle. Only problem was the damn program didn’t work! All that talk about setting yourself “high points (what a lame buzzword that is anyway)” led me to overtraining. I wasn’t gaining any energy. In fact, I was exhausted all the time because I was overtrained. Also, those damn Myoplex drinks made me hungry all the time. It was due to all those insulin spikes caused from the maltodextrin. This would be OK for weight gain, but I wanted to lose fat. Those drinks were not helping me at all. Also, what the fuck was all this talk about a portion of protein and carbs should be the size of your palm? For me, that was still not enough. I was following the rules for the diet program, and I was hungry as fuck. Sometimes, when I couldn’t wait any longer for my next meal (which was still not enought to keep me full for the next 3 hours), I would binge like crazy. Overall, the whole BFL program just sucked. Also, the program might work easy for B.P., but I don’t have those kind of genetics. Being a college student, and not the president of a supplement company, I don’t have such easy access to a gym right outside my office, nor do I have any personal chefs to prepare my meals for me. Sorry for the rant, but I am too bitter. I went into the program believing it would do something for me, but it left me frustrated. At least I know I’m not the only one.