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Recovering From Back Pain?

A few days ago while trying a bunch of new exercises, i hurt my back. Specifically the area that hurts is the upper left, the shoulder blade i think it is called. If i breath deeply i can feel it and i sure can feel it doing any sort of exercise that moves that area.

I’ve still been going to the gym, but i’ve been using one of those bengay patches. I can’t do nearly as much as i used to do but i can still do a little with some pain. Now the problem is i can’t do harder things like bench presses (my favorite thing to do) at all because it hurts too much even with the patch.

Should i stop going to the gym for a few days or is there any other thing i should be doing to get better? I really like going to the gym in general, but now i am feeling really down and upset with myself because i was finally starting to get stronger and see results(only started going to gym a few months ago).