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Recovering from Anorexia Athletica


Hi people.

I'm 27 years old. I have been about 4.5~5 months doing diet and exercise (from around mid April to September), dropping 50 lbs, from 160 lbs to 110 lbs, I'm 5'7.5". The diet was dropping kcals progressively from about 1600kcal to 1100kcal and the exercise consisted in fasted cardio (45mins static bike) in the morning and weight lifting in the gym in the afternoon.

In the progress of dropping kcals and lossing weight, I started to progressively loss my libido (mostly in the last month) until I completely lost it. To be honest, I overtrained too much, with little rest/sleep and too low kcals. I also had massive muscle catabolism and loss of strength (mostly in the last month), like an anorexia. At this point I had an insane amount of symptoms of hormone deficiencies and survival adaptations of my body: excessive appetite (always hungry), polyuria, nocturia, overactive bladder, blood pressure changes, dry skin, anxiety, cold, depression, confusion, hot flashes, articular pain, etc.

I did a blood work at 110 lbs, and 3 things came bad: Abnormal Hepatic Function (high GPT and GOT), a little anemia and low testosterone. So in September 15 I started to bulk for regain muscle/weight with a very experienced trainer/nutritionist. The docs and the nutritionist tell me that it's all reversible by eating, exercising and resting well and giving the body time to recover.

Before this, I hadn't any health problem at all and I had an insanely high libido (so high that it was abnormally high, I jacked off everyday 2~4 times, ejaculating A LOT of cum). I have had it so incredibly high all my life, super horny everyday, so I assume that I have always had very high Testosterone, am I correct with this assumption?

Here are my blood works so far (any help/opinions will be much appreciated):

21 September 2011 (done by my Family Doctor):
TSH 4.11 uU/mL [ 0.27 - 4.2 ]
Testosterone 4.28 nmol/L [ 9.9 - 27.8 ] **
Cortisol 11.65 ug/dL [ 6.2 - 19.4 ]
HDL 78 mg/dL [ > 35 ]
LDL 109 mg/dL [ < 155 ]
Glucose 86 mg/dL [ 60 - 110 ]
GPT 50.1 U/L [ 4 - 40 ] **
GOT 60.2 U/L [ 4 - 38 ] **
GGT 17.0 U/L [ 8 - 61 ]

31 October 2011 (done by me):
TSH 1.66 uUI/ml [ 0.50 - 5.50 ]
FSH 3.56 UI/l [ 1.7 - 12 ]
LH 4.30 UI/l [ 1.1 - 7 ]
SHBG 54.37 nmol/L [ 14 - 71 ]
Alfa-5-DHT 895.35 ng/dl [ 25 - 99 ] **
Testosterone 12.35 nmol/L [ 5.75 - 28 ]
Testosterone Free 405.22 pmol/L [ 15 - 105 ] **
Cortisol 20.99 ug/dl [ 4.30 - 22.00 ]
17-Beta-Estradiol < 10 pgr/ml [ < 40 ]
Prolactin 15.08 ng/ml [ 1.50 - 19.00 ]
Progesterone 0.28 ng/ml [ 0.25 - 1.25 ]
Aldosterone 310.47 ng/L [ 7 - 299 ] **
GPT 43 UI/L [ 0 - 40 ] **
GOT 25 UI/L [ 0 - 40 ]
GGT 23 UI/L [ 0 - 45 ]

03 November 2011 (done by my Family Doctor):
Testosterone 15.95 nmol/L [ 9.9 - 27.8 ]
GPT 35.8 U/L [ 4 - 40 ]
GOT 23.1 U/L [ 4 - 38 ]
GGT 21.0 U/L [ 8 - 61 ]

What parameters should I add to the blood works to keep tracking the recovery?

2 weeks ago I started to feel libido sensations again, I have recovered a little, still Light Years from the pornstar I was before. I'm also having morning woods and nocturnal erections again.
All the ugly symptoms are gone, I feel much better, but I have a new symptom: Overall body hairloss (including head hair).
In the gym department, I'm gaining weight and strength (I have already gained 22 lbs).

I'm scared to death of the possibility of never recover my superhuman sexdrive back, this is a hell.

Again, any help/opinions will be much appreciated.


For libido: Free Test, DHT, Prolactin, Estradiol (E2) --> The last E2 test you got isnt the right one. Are you in the US?

Need to keep track of Thyroid (TSH) and more (Free T3, Free T4...you never got these tested, would be worth it to track).


Thanks for the info. I'm from Spain.


Yeah I figured somewhere in Europe with the estrogen result. I have no idea if you have access to our equivalent or not, but the best here is Quest Labs with a 13-54 or so range, or Labcorp's 3-70 or so. If you can get a range similar to that (in American units, you'll have to do the conversions yourself) then that is the test you want.


you may want to test for Free T4, Free T3, and Reverse T3.


Wow, I have experienced this as well, but did not have bloodwork done. I had a similar experience. I cut 40 pounds in 3 months for a sporting event using a Paleo Diet protocol (no grains, no dairy). I had all of the same syptoms you described,(no libido) but I was obssesed with my goal and would not slow down.

In August at 2.9% bodyfat, I gave in and binged on junk food and had lots of sex for about a month. Not only that but I gave up all cardio. A friend of mine convinced me to get in the weight room so I did. Since then I have put back on those 40 pounds and haven't gone above 10% body fat. My libido came back 2X as hard just like you said.I am now actually the most muscular I have ever been. I am no longer concerned with being super lean either. I have not seen a doc and have had no T replacement. I feel better than I have in years. Now I just follow a hi protein/low carb diet and have a lot of sex with my lady. I am also trying my first aas cycle as we speak. Not Trying to jack your post. Just wanted to tell you your not alone. Cheers.


Thanks for the encouragement, it's nice to met somebody who has passed the same situation, which it's been a pure hell for me, worst time in my life by far, I regret so much having done this. How much time did you take to recover your old libido back?


I would say it took a full 2 months. I know this sounds lame, but I made myself have sex with my girlfriend every night until it was no longer an issue. This was before I knew anything about the endocrine system. The whole process actually sparked my learning. I think lifting heavy in the gym played a large part as well. I started eating a lot of dairy before bed. It might help to know that I also stopped using all sports supplements(except whey protein) and stimulants while trying to re-gain lost muscle.


Can you please help me i too suffer from anorexia athletica and i am wondering if it is safe to workout while still in the recovery process or take time off? Please let me know also how long did it take you to fully recover and is there any tips you can give me to help me recover faster?


I'm 100% recovered.

Took me about 10 months to recover my rapist sex drive back, I'm always horny again, so horny that is a torture to see all that hot chicks at the gym. I overtrained and undereated to human limits so I think 100% recovery is possible in all cases, but recovery is VERY slow, there is no fast way out. It also depends of the amount of weight/muscle you lost.

You should train for sure, don't take time off, but don't do any cardio at all, just weight trainning and perfect diet for bulking. I did my recovery with an on-line trainer (very cheap, only 25 EUR/month) by e-mail, he does all my diets and workout routines. I'm still trainning with him because he's very good and super cheap, I have gainned a brutal amount of muscle with him, I passed from anorexic to bench more than my bodyweight.

I did a number of bloodworks and put all the data in an excel table, I will do my last bloodwork and I will post all the data here. I think it can be interesting to have here in the forum one example of an anorexia athletica recovery.

My massive hairloss was a condition know as Telogen Effluvium, generated by the Anorexia Athletica.

The only thing you need to recover is gain a lot of muscle, training well and eating well, but you need to educate yourself on how to do it well or hire a trainer like I did.

Ask me anything you want.

How much weight did you lost?
What are your current T levels?


I lost about 50 pounds but ive gained back 20 in about a month my t levels are shit but my strength is coming back fast


I have exactly the same problem.
I made a diet until 5 % bf and lost my libido. I worked out 6 day a week.
My Test level was at 1,6 ng/ml in February and after 6 months its still only at 1,8 ng/ml
and I don't have my libido back.
How long does it take to recover ?
Do I need HRT ?
Please help me.


Joe, this thread is very old. You should create your own thread and keep your data there in one spot. Please read the advice for new guys sticky to see the issues that we deal with here. In your thread, please include age and other things listed in the sticky.

We have seen other cases like this. Starvation and/or over-training is very harmful and it also changes the way that your cells work; its called epi-genetic changes that alter gene expression. You should get labs done. I expect that your LH/FSH levels are low. Cholesterol and DHEA may also below.

When you post lab data, you really need to also include the lab ranges. Need to also know if free [fT] or total [TT] testosterone.

Are you in Germany now? Let us know where you are located as that can affect treatment options and suitable recommendations.


Post your bloodwork here so we can see it. What were your stats (height/weight/%bf) before, after and now? Did you take any drugs?

If you had normal T levels and sexdrive before your crash diet you can recover completely (at least in my experience). Are you trainning/dieting correctly for bulking? You need to gain a ton of muscle.

EDIT: Posted this before reading KSman reply. I think it's a good idea what he suggests of creating your own thread.


Hey Spyro,
I have created a new thread for my problem.
Maybe you can read the thread and help me with detailed information from your experience.



Can you please let me know the name of the trainer you worked with ?


Spryo, my situation is very similar to yours. PM me if you can (I don't have the privilege yet since I just joined the site).



Please tell me your symptoms. I found a lot of people who have the same symptoms as spyro and me.
Maybe we can help each other.


Has anyone recovered successfully from this? I am 20 years old and 6’2". I dropped from 195 lbs at my healthiest, to 155 at my worst. I did the same thing Spyro and Joe did regarding calorie restriction and exercising. I am really losing hope in my recovery, although I’m back at 170 lbs, I still have extreme anemia, low libido and some minor kidney problems. I need a glimmer of hope from one of you guys soon.


Please create your own thread as you/we do not want your case buried in someone else’s thread.

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In your new thread, not here, please post your lab work with ranges:
You need:
AM cortisol
fasting cholesterol - could be too low