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Recovering From an Eating Disorder

3 eggs + veggies (stir fry)
piece o bread w/ pb
1 cup (dry) oats
1 cup strawberries

2 tbs pb
cup yogurt

turkey stirfry
1 cup almonds (i couldnt stop)
1 cup (dry) oats

pb sandwich
about half a box of kashi crackers

turkey breast
1 cup (dry) rice

1 cup cottage cheese
1 cup yogurt
2 tbs pb.

Im still hungry inbetween meals!!! Should I eat more…

Currently I am 6’4…round 137…

Of course, you are way underweight. Keep eating.

Good job man keep up the good diet. There is nothing wrong with eating more a day as long as you keep it healthy.

If you’re hungry, you should eat. Either make your meals larger or snack on things between meals (protein bars/shakes, peanut butter, nuts, fruit). Especially if your goal is weight gain (which it should be), never go hungry.

Awesome…thanks guys. Also with this im hittin up the gym 3 times a week…

I do

and Rows…

Anything I should add? I am obviously starting low, as I have nearly no muscle as I lost most of it in the midst of my disease…all help is appreciated though.

You got the major exercises down, these are great choices to add a nice base of muscle on your frame. Its good to see you’re doing squats and deads.

bump…anyone else care to comment/help/criticize?

Just eat and lift man. At that height, I can’t imagine how you look at that weight. Good luck, and I hope you get over that eating disorder.

damn. I got done lifting today, it was legs, and i got home and just couldnt stop eating. Needless to say I put down a gallon of milk, a box of Special K Protein cereal and about a cup of nuts…in addition to my meals.

IS this normal for refeeding?

Thats fine. Keep re-feeding then. lol.

ok good…just needed some reassurance that im not going to suddenly turn into what i was (was a FFB at 230 @ 6’)

how old are you? and how old old were you when you were 230 at 6ft

now I am 20, I was 15 when i was 230

Your not going to gain almost 100 lbs of fat over night. You need to eat a pretty nice quantity of food everyday as you lift hard to put on the muscle you want.

Thanks bro. I wish I could just kick the ogida of this disease outta my life. I hate having guilt for recovery!

Although I probably did take in almost 10 k calories today…

double everything

I’m also 6’ 4" and a little over 220 right now. Still have my six-pack (doesn’t really matter to me but just so you know where I’m coming from)

Have no fear of getting that fat again. You’re 4 inches taller now plus you’re lifting weights.

If you’re going to the gym consistently and getting stronger, obey your instinct to eat more. If you’re working out hard then you are just feeding your growing muscles.

Awesome…thanks for the help guys.

Stepped on the scale this morning…it was 141!!! Surely just waterweight for the most part seeing as yesterday was 137…

Yeh, just water weight/glycogen retention.

Stay away from the scale man.

You are very tall at this point, which means, despite the fact you have have lost tons of weight and are too thin, you are still a larged framed person. Much larger framed than when you were 15…your body will use calories, especially if you are lifting hard.

I used to be real fat too, trust me you’ll be happier being muscular and a little smooth than ‘skinny fat’ and sickly looking. At least I would assume so…I never had an ED so i don’t know what thats like.

Thats not meant as an insult, its the truth.

Keep lifting and eating hard. Watch the mirror. If you start to get too fat, DO NOT STOP EATING. Keep eating and just throw in some cardio to keep your metabolism kicking.

Thanks swole! I appreciate the help guys, I may sound like a pussy, but you dont know what this disease does to your mind, its nuts man…

Unexplainable. It helps to have a community like you guys to talk me out of it.