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Recovering from an Eating Disorder, Looking to Gain Mass/Strength Back

I am seeking your advice. Currently I am recovering from an eating disorder. My condition reached the lowest point a few months ago when my physiological and psychological health reached its lowest point. My condition caused severe damage to my HP axis, more specifically my thyroid and testosterone levels were off the charts low. I am currently seeing a team of specialists to help me recover.

During this time I have lost a lot of muscle and strength (weight went from 180-140). I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction for choosing the best workout program to help me gain my muscle mass and strength back. I am looking to refocus my time back to my family so I’m interested in a 3 days a week program with sessions that give me the best bang for my buck in respect to duration of the workout (full time job and 3 kids at home). I have been working out consistently since I was 13 (currently 33) so I am very familiar with all strength/multi-joint exercises. I understand that I could have easily googled a program, but I wanted your anecdotal experience and expertise. I understand you are very busy so I’m not expecting a full program right up, maybe just a point in the direction to an article or template I can build off of. Thank you very much.

Honestly … just do what you was doing before. Just adjust a few things like volume and intensity based on the feedback you get from your body.

I think a lot of us are at an all time low with our mental and physical health. So you’re definitely not alone in this fight. It takes a lot of courage to come out and admit something like that. I am no expert but here is my advice.

Set a goal, stick to that goal, and accomplish it.

Have a set plan where you do those three training sessions and eat healthy throughout the week and cook healthy meals with your kids and teach them how to cook or exercise properly (Just an idea). Try the push-pull-legs split. Use simple, compound movements.

Then if the kids want to go out for ice cream or out to eat, there will be no shame in eating not-so-healthy foods.

Eat good. Enjoy life. Lift heavy shit.


If an exercise physiologist is part of that team I’d tap that person for help.

Good luck on your recovery.

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Thanks everyone for your kind words. Your input is highly appreciated and I will put your advice into action.

this a good template to get back into it…

A bit late to this thread, but you’re more than welcome to talk about it in my log. Needless to say, I’ve experienced the unpleasantness of an eating disorder, so if at any time you need reassurance, coping skills, diet/eating strategies, Im here as well.