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Recovering From ACL and Meniscus Surgery


Hello all,
Well, It's been about 5 and a half weeks since the gym, and five weeks since the surgery. This is killing me :).

I have actually also been avoiding coming here, out of worry that all that will happen is that I will get frustrated, bang my head against the wall, and then loose all sense and start spouting about the great attributes of the Smith machine. But I digress....

I am seeing my doc on Monday. According to the PT, everything is going according to plan. I am off crutches and using a DonJoy ACL knee brace.

What I am hoping for on Monday is a Green Light to start Treadmill Walking or swimming for Cardio, as well as the OK to start lifting for everything but legs.

What I am looking at doing is OVT. I did it in the Fall and made some good progress. In addition, since I am not doing legs, I was hoping for some extra bicep/tricep development. I usually go 4 days a week to the gym. If I do OVT Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, is there some bicep./tricep program I could do on Saturday without killing myself? Thanks!!


The doc said everything was a go except leg exercises, as I thought. I also looked at my schedule and my PT appointments are going to take up any time I might have for a fourth workout, so I guess I will be sticking to a OVT workout for the rest of my body...



What are you doing for PT? One mistake a lot of people make is completely avoiding training the injured area. You wont be squating 4 plates per side, but completely avoiding training the legs will do almost as much harm as jumping right back in! A short story for you, I work at a gym as a trainer, we specialize in personal trianing and fitness therapy (using exercise as the therapy), one client we have was schedualed to have her knee replaced, but a week or two before the operation, she called it off because she no longer had any pain and had totally regained the mobility! So, under supervision, and with doctors permission, get back to legs as soon as you can! Light weight, high reps for starters, leg extensions and curls. you'll be right back in the game in no time!