Recovering: Compound Fracture

T-maggers, need some help and advice. Recovering from a tib-fibula compund fracture (5/10/05). Everything is good to go on recovery but my range of motion is still not 100% im still having little bouts of pain.

What I’m worried about is my lack of mobility still in my broken leg i’ve been walking for about 5 months, but im still worried about long term. If there is any advice that physical therapists or anyone with experience can help me out with (besides icing and using a stretch band).

You just gotta keep working that leg. How much weaker is it compared to your good leg?

Is the ROM limited in your knee or ankle, or both?

So you had a major injury, most likely major surgery, and your doc didn’t recomment any post-op rehab? Hard to understand.

How long were you crutching around, how did you transition to walking (ie tapering), and what motions cause you pain today?

I work for a athletic department at a university (in ca) they covered the surgery but they won’t compensate for the PT. I haven’t touched a weight in 6 months. I have a metal rod in my leg(knee/ankle). I am working with Physical Therapists in the AD here giving simple exercises to perform but like i said my range of motion is not as proficient as the good leg, it still feels weak. I’d say its about 65-75% mobility.

As you know, nothing is going to come overnight.

Do the exercise they gave you (what exactly do the exercises work?) Stretch multiple times a day.

Don’t be afraid to do isolation work. In cases like this, sometimes some muscles are more affected by the trauma then others. Isolation work may be needed to bring up the severely lagging muscles.

The keys to recovering as quickly as possible are proper nutrition, all that new bone and muscle needs nutrients, and increased blood flow to the area from doing stretches and other exercises.

It was a clean break, the fracture was benign and the doc took the cast off after 2 days. I was crutchin it for about 3 weeks than i started hobblin around ( i heal quickly). I did a daily ritual of ankle rotations and resitance exercises. I have full mobility it just frickin hurts when i go on runs.I do notice that the pain is degressing after time.

I have not hit the weights or worked out in about a year, just some required maintenance PT pullups push ups and light runs. Once in a while go up into the hills near my house with 65lbs in my patol pack and hike 4-12 miles. Im thinking that I just need apply some heavy resitance to it to “shock” it.

If you apply heavy resistance to shock it I think you will ‘shock’ the bones enough to fracture them again.