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Recover from 2.5 weeks


I started a cycle 2.5 weeks ago of 500mg test enanthate per week and had to stop due to personal reasons. I was pinning 2 days a week, and this Tuesday was my last pin (6th pin).

I'll still be running a standard PCT protocol with Nolvadex 40/40/20/20 2 weeks after my last pin. I started HCG on week 2 and will be continuing with that and will drop the HCG when PCT starts. Adex will also be in there at 0.5 mg ED. When PCT starts it will be 0.5mg ED first week/0.5mg EOD second week/0.5mg EOD third week/0.5 mg E3D 4th week.

My question is how long do you think recovery will take since I was only on for 2.5 weeks? Is there a chance that I have permanently screwed my endogenous production? I pretty must just want to be back to where I was before I started this cycle. I am 24 yrs old.


You dont need 4 weeks of PCT for a 2 and a half week cycle.

You probably dont need pct at all but if you want to run 2 weeks of 20mg/d, go for it.


Two weeks is usually the cut-off after which shut-down occurs. This is why the short cycles are 2 on 2/4 off. There's a chance you could be shut down, so I would recommend some nolva/clomid to get you back up.


Overkill. Everything will be fine.

Don't go taking 0.5 mg adex ED at the beginning of PCT. That's a huge dose (twice as much as I'd use on cycle with 1g test/wk) and you're not going to have much substrate (endogenous T) for aromatase at that time anyway. Let the nolva take care of things. More experienced users sometimes decide to use an AI (generally aromasin) during PCT, but it's certainly not essential, and definitely shouldn't be used in the heavy-handed way that you've mapped out.