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Recorvering ACL injury

Hey this question is for Coach Davies or anyone who wants to answer it. I torn my ACL ligament and got it opperated on and just finally (after months of rehab) got no restrictions from my doctor about a month ago. The problem is that my leg strength in the leg I torn my ACL is a lot weaker than my other leg. I was wondering if you could give me any suggestions/routine for balancing out my leg strength. I would be grateful for any help. Thank you

Anyone out there???

Do Plyometrics and exercises that focus on single leg movement while the other leg stabilizes…worked for me- knock on wood!

Dude, it sucks. I know exactly what you mean. Are you on a rehab program?? I myself recieved some silly training regimen but just worked my butt off in the gym. I’m still not at parity but I’m getting there.
I do an single leg extensions every time I work out. I also started doing some yogic type stuff and putting my weight on that leg while bent. I also drill the knee by kneeling on the floor and getting up by putting my left foot out and lifting my body wight off the floor unasisted for several reps…
There’s more that can be done but the main thing is consistancy and effort…
Hang in there!

No, I’m not on any rehab program from doctors or anything like that. I am on my own doing my own workouts. I started doing things like split squats, step-ups, and one-legged leg curls. Thank you all for your input.

Raygo, I may be wrong but aren’t leg extensions probably the worst thing someone with a reconstructed ACL can do? I believe that may be true, as I have been told over and over by my surgeon (Dr. Preson Wolin in Chicago) and the various places I’ve had rehab at, the leg extension is not a good choice. BTW i’ve had 2 acl reconstructions in the same knee and now i’m sporting a cadaver ligament in there…
I would stick to unilateral exercises, leg press, hamstring work, step ups, even leg raises while sitting up. When you get up to speed then move onto squats and other compound lifts, but everything else you mentioned are good choices.

I’m currently going through rehab for the same thing. I do a lot of single leg exercises, Leg Press, Balance Board, Step Downs (body weight), Fitter (works lateral movement); all of this at rehab. On my own time, I do the Ian King Limping into October routine, minus the Leg Extensions. I also ride a stationary bike mostly every day for range of motion.