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Records for 25 and 315 Bench


Does anyone know what the records are for reps on the bench press? Some of the combine reports talk about records for benching 225lb. but how about 315lb. and 405lb?

I plan on going on a training phase where I will push my limits for reps on 225lb., 275lb., 315lb. and 405lb. I'm 5'11'' 230 lbs 32 years old, and have been lifting since age 12. My personal records are: 225lb-39reps, 275lb.-27reps, 315lb.-20reps, 405lb-9reps.


I know Brian Siders benched 315 for 31 reps at the Arnold Classic a year or two ago.


He (Brian Siders) also did 405x14 at a similar exhibition.

I have heard about people doing 225x70-80 reps but never seen that myself, might do a Youtube search.


Jeremy Hoonstra and Nick Winters, big benches on them. Jeremy hit 700 touch n go at I think around 250lbs. (very recently). I know he also did 225 for 60.


Jeff McGruder 52 reps with 315 lbs. at a bodyweight of 240 lbs.


i think ryan kennelly does 405x20 in under a minute on his dvd the road to arnold or watever its called


Serious endurance here!



Not exactly the answer you were looking for, but interesting nonetheless. From Guinness Book of World Records:

"The most accumulative weight bench pressed in one hour is 305,300 lb (138,480 kg). The record was set by Eamonn Keane (Ireland) at World Gym, Marina del Ray, California, USA on July 22, 2003.

He did 1,280 reps with 200 lbs and 493 reps with 100 lbs."

[sarcasm] Obviously the volume is a little higher than some of the authors on this site would recommend, but he did it in under an hour, so he's probably ok![/sarcasm]


I read an article about 10 years ago that claimed that Arnold had done 225x57, 315 x 34, 405 x 19, and 455 x 13.

Others have said that it was full of crap.

One of the Metal militia powelifters claimed to have shoulder pressed a pair of 130s for 40 reps when he was doing bodybuilding stuff.


He does 405x20 in the Road to the Arnold DVD.

My PL team went and watched him train after our meet in Spokane, Washington. He did something like 505x8 after he finished all his ME stuff. It was awesome.

My coach Brian did 405x6 @ 198 last year.


The only thing I know bout Arnold's bench is that he can/did do 405x8. I haven't or don't know anything about those other claims and I don't believe them.


I also remember that Anthony Clark did 20 reps at 405 when he was 17.


[sarcasm] but he used a reverse grip, so it doesn't count. [/sarcasm]


Did he really do 20 reps with that weight?