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Recording On Droid X?


Anyone here have a Droid X and try to record? 90% of the time I hit the "record" button, all that happens is it force closes the camcorder and takes me to the home screen. I was trying to record some lifts for form advice and this frustrates the hell out of me as it's a pretty expensive phone.

I'm running Froyo 2.2 OS.

Edit: My question was, if anyone has had this problem, how did you fix it?


I haven't had this problem, but I'm curious as to whether it started after you downloaded the Froyo update. After I got 2.2, my Droid X seemed to lose some of its speed and screens started freezing on me.


Wish I could tell you - I never tried to record anything prior to the upgrade.

What's frustrating is it doesn't seem to be a common problem. If there was, there'd be an app for it or something.