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Record Keeping

I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas about keeping notes while in the gym. I like to keep a journal to keep track of weights, sets, reps, etc., but dragging around a note book in the weight room is a pain in the &!#.

Go to the netrition website and order some supplements. I know you must spend that much now on bars and other stuff so just buy it there. They will give you a free muscleheadz log book. It has some funny stuff to read and a great record keeping method (food, body fat, and workouts). If you don’t spend any money it is less than $10 to just buy outright.

what i actually do now is plan every workout ahead…so I know what exercises, weights, sets and reps BEFORE i hit the gym. Then everything is already written down so the only thing you have to memorise/write down when you get back from the gym are the lifts where you couldn’t hit your targets (which is not often)

I have used a chart created in Excel for the past six years. The chart has boxes for sets, reps, and weight used. I can hold five workouts per sheet. I just print out a blank sheet and fill in the exercises. I carry the sheet on a clip board and fill in the weght I used, reps etc.