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Record Heat


what you got?

home pictured, at work 113*



Heat index is 115

I can't wait till Fall.


yesterday sucked. was outside all day in 107, felt like 115 apparently. also all the water fountains i found had hot water. awesome.


It's been 15 degrees (about 55 farenheit) here and rained all day.

Wanna swap?


I just left walmart and the bank that has one of those temp signs said it was 101, I knew it was hot but damn. Worst was I picked up a few oly plates before going to walmart so imagine picking those up after they were sitting in the car for 40 minutes.


I spoke to one of my clients over in the UK the other day, they said it's been miserable for a while now.

We're at 97 right now with a feels like 102.


110 Heat index. My yard is now the color of straw. Yeehaw.


I've lived in Florida my whole life, I imagine the heat here is worse than it is there, on average (not right now DUH). Still, I'd prefer the weather here (hot most of the year, sometimes hot during the "cold" months) to the miserable cold a lot of you guys get. I went to Chicago on Spring Break in high school...holy crap it was awful outside.


I prefer the heat or the cold as well.

If you're confined to the indoors 2-3 months of the year, it's better to be inside because of the heat. Cold just sucks.


Reached 39 degrees (103) with a humidex of 48 (118!) in Southern Ontario yesterday. It was odd because it was actually kind of windy. You know when you're baking chicken at 400 and you open the oven to see if its done? The wind felt like that...


In your face,Northerners.


Reached a high of 13C today, overcast with periods of rain.

Tomorrow it will be cloudy and a toasty 18C.


I can't wait for winter. I live in northern PA and it's 102 F. I have always hated the heat and loved the cold so this is really irratating me. Perhaps I need to think about moving further north.


lol I live in Toronto and that's the exact analogy I told my sister when I opened our front door yesterday.



What you guys call a heat wave is what i call May to September here.


5 straight days of all time high temps, 3 of them in the hundreds, and I live next to a lake that is supposed to keep us cool...

We had a huge thunderstorm today and it managed to cool the temp down all the way to high 80s, what a relief!


That's crazy in some areas. I guess it isn't like that in So Cal because it's only in the 80's here.


Nothing but below average temps here. Sucks big time, maybe we can make a small trade!


when i am standing around awkwardly in social settings and have nothing to contribute to a conversation, i too like to talk about weather.


I live in Maryland too. Was hanging up drywall in a shop with no ac with this 113 heat index and then some cause I was standing up on scaffolding and it was at least 10 degrees hotter near the ceiling. I couldn't even think straight.