Reconstructed Foot

I am such a liability I managed somehow to get my foot crushed by a bus the other day. I’m wondering if there’s any good advice going on recovery etc - I am taking glucosomine, fish oils, zma, multivitamins + a good diet.

Anyone had major surgery on their feet bones before and could offer insight/advice would be very welcome lol.


I broke my left foot , I had a simple fracture (it could have been a lot worse).
Anyways I went to the emergency hospital and they plastered my foot,I had it plastered for a month (and I lost calf muscle).
The foot hurt me for a long time even after they removed the plaster,it hurt for months!
and for almost a year I didn’t feel it was flexible like the other foot.
I still feel a little difference,like I lost a bit of flexibility in that foot.
Anyways it’s 100% fully functional now.

EDIT: I’m sorry to bring bad news but no matter how smart your diet is,you will loose muscle (on that foot : calf) unless you do calf raises