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So I'm confused on the reconstitution part of the GHRP-6 I got.

They are 2mg vials and I have some bacteriostatic water to reconstitute them with.

Say I added 1ml to the solution, would I then get 2000mcg/ml leading to 200mcg per unit on a slin pin?

Adding 2ml of bac. water would eventually yield 100mcg per unit?

I'm confused. I always despised any and all math, but go figure I'm a science kid. lol

Does anybody have any suggestions as to how much bac. water I should add to give me a certain mcg/iu?

Anyways thanks for the help all.



Hey Gerdy, how's it big guy?

I don't see why your math doesn't add up, cause it looks good to me buddy. I don't have any experience with that peptide like some of the vets here, which I'm not.

But the math looks good.

You gonna log anything with this, or is this part of a more in depth cycle I'm not aware of possibly?

Always curious what kind of trouble you're into, lol.

Hijack initiation\\\: By the way, your quads look great in that new avatar, including the quad seperation which is readily visible to me. I saw where you asked about that in another thread, and just wanted to say they look great, you go with your bad self buddy, ha, haaa!
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whats up tone, how are you doing man?

I see most of the guys got their per iu down to like 25 and 50mcg. I don't want to try and slam like 100mcg in one iu and have some complications lol.

I will be posting a log if people wish. There will be added compounds and a few things against the grain. I won't be using any test being one of them.

lol I'm always up to something...haha the wheels are constantly turning with me.

Thanks for the reply man hope alls well.


edi: thanks for the compliments dood! I got a lil seperation going on, but I want clearly visible lines and cross striations if possible. lol I know thats mostly diet and genetics but I wanted to see if I could dig up an old trick or two by asking some tnation peeps lol


Youre math is correct but you misworded it i do believe. 1 unit on a slin pin would give you 20mcg if you added 1ml to the 2mgs of GHRP-6. 10 units would give you your 200mcg.

If you added 2ml of bac water, that would give you 1000mcg/ml and 10mcg/1 unit on the slin pin.

By the way, what size are your slin pins? 1/2", 5/8" or 1"? Hopefully they are 1/2 or 5/8, cuz then it makes measuring alot easier.


How does it come out to 20mcg?

I get this:

1ml bac. water + 2mg ghrp6 = 2000mcg ghrp6 (correct?)

a slin pin has 10 units which equal 1ml (?)

So if this were correct, then wouldn't the 1 ml (all 10 iu on a slin pin) = 2000mcg ghrp6.

Divide 2000mcg ghrp6 by 10 iu and I'm getting 200mcg ghrp6 per iu on the pin?

Where am I messing up? lol

I believe my pins are 1/2 or 5/8. I know I didn't get 1" but can't recall at the moment what size I did order. I'll check when I get home.



There lies your problem.

1ml = 100 units.

I use 1/2cc/ml pins that have 50 units total.


Thanks dood! Got your pm too.