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Reconstitution Math Question


if I've got G6 and CJC and want to take 100mcg of each at the same time and I want to mix it...

if I reconstitute the 10mg vial of G6 in 5ml bac water, and then draw up 1ml and shoot it into the 2mg vial of cjc... then I would have 2mg of g6 and 2mg of cjc in 1ml water.

if I dilute it so that the 4 total mg of peptide is in 2ml bac water, then .1cc should give me 100mcg of g6 and 100mcg of cjc in one shot right?

if someone could doublecheck this for me, that would be appreciated


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Yes your math is correct. Nice solution to the problem as well--I've been curious about doing this myself. Only my problem was 125 mcg G6 for 100 mcg CJC



Just so the newbs dont freak out lol



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cool vid... first time i saw it

im so proud that I figured it out

maybe now i'll have the confidence to take my hand out of my pants and go do something with my life.


^^^I admittedly didn't figure out the Die Hard problem in real time. Only after having some time to sit down and think about it.

Since we're on the topic, and to answer my own problem earlier (125 mcg G6 and 100 mcg CJC per injection), the solution works out to:

-Reconstitute 5 mg vial of G6 in 2 mL BAC water (2.5 mg/mL G6)
-Draw up 1 mL
-Shoot it into 2mg vial of CJC (2 mg/mL CJC)
-Add 1 mL BAC water to vial (1.25 mg/mL G6 & 1 mg/mL CJC)
-Draw up 0.1 cc (125 mcg G6 & 100 mcg CJC)

I think this problem is useful for guys over 125 kg who want to achieve the saturation doses for both compounds (assuming 125 mcg and 100 mcg is the saturation dose for G6 and CJC, respectively).


Just as an addendum to this discussion, the prevailing wisdom on DAT's forum seems to be that mixing the two peptides together is not a good idea. I haven't seen anything that really explains "why?" other than generalizations about how it becomes a "sludge retaining the properties of neither" and that it ruins their effectiveness, so this could just be opinion and not fact. Something to consider at the least.

Seems ok to mix them in a syringe for the day, but not longer.




I know dat doesnt like his stuff posted elsewhere, but does anyone know if this is true?

(thanks everyone!)


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