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Reconstitution Calculator Help?

This is a stupid question I am just having trouble figuring this out today for some reason. I recently received my Kisspeptin prescription and am trying to figure out how many iU I need to inject to achieve what the instructions say.

I reconstituted 5mg of the peptide with 2.5mL of Bacteriostatic water. How many iU do I need to inject to achieve the instructed dosage of 20mcg?

Thanks everyone for all your help!

You created a solution with a concentration of 5mg/2.5 mL. You need to dose in mcg, and every mg is a thousand mcg, so your concentration in mcg is 5000mcg/2.5mL or reduced down it is 2000mcg/mL. To do 20mcg, you would inject 0.01 mL. This is going to be difficult to do. Are your numbers right? If so I would add more fluid to make dosing easier.

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