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Reconstituting HGH Using Oil?

I have some HGH and test-p&c.
I have in the past been prescribed legit test-c. It has always been in oil. From research, that is good for a LOOONG time.
So I would like to know if I could reconstitute the “freeze-dried” stuff using oil. If not, what is the next best option? I know water is good like 2-3 weeks max.


I’m confused. Are you talking about raw test powder or hgh powder?

I don’t think test is soluble in water and has to be mixed with oil but that is a whole process in itself.

Yeah, I also don’t understand the question. Can you clarify?

I noticed how my test uses oil. I am curious if I can reconstitute my hgh powder with an oil? If not what is the best to use. So far I’ve seen bariostatic water. If there’s a better option I would like to know. I used purified water this vial. I know it’ll be ok till I finish, but I don’t like having such a short expiration time with h20.


This is the only real option for GH. Its water soluble. Once reconstituted its good for about 15 days in the fridge. I would not have used purified water. Bacti water prevents bacterial growth. Purified water would not. You are risking infection with it.

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