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Reconstituting GHRP-6

I have a friend at ordered some of this for some peptide fun. He wants to use it for some ligament reconstruction on his lab rats.
When it arrived it was in these tiny ass little vials. Having no direct experience with this. I checked around and research some reconstituting tips just to be sure all the info in my head was accurate.

Here it is as follows

5mgs in the tiny vial.
30mls of BS water lowest amount they had.


Add 1 ml to 5mgs = 5000mcg of GHRP-6 dosed at 100mcg per IU

I hope my math is right. That is off the top of my head. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Math has always been my crappiest subject.

Next was the method. I would not want my friend to waste any. I was looking around just to see how to do this. And everyone says take your GHRP-6 vial out of the freezer let it sit for an hour.

Wash hands really well.
Rub your tops down with alcohol swabs.

Next take a 3ml pin and get 1ml of BSW and let it slowly trickle down the side of the vial.

Now this is where I get tripped up. I seen some kits that come with a empty 10ml vial. Is there a reason for this? Am I missing something? Are you not suppose to use the little vial this comes in for storage and pinning? It is something that caught my eye the other day.

I attached a pic just so its clear.

I don’t think thats right. Here is my instructions from my doctor:

3mg ghrp-6 powder
30ml bac water

Add 3ml Bac water to the 3mg ghrp-6 powder.

100mcg = 10 units on an insulin syringe

Have no idea why the extra bottle… you don’t need it. I only have one bac water and one with powder.

Hope this helps

why does your bac water say sodium chloride on it? mine doesn’t have any and… it only has .9% BA

How many IUs of GHRP-6 do you have before reconstitution? Normally you just add the amount of BS water that works out best for intended dosage. What will dosage be?

If the original vial had enogh room to accommodate the desired amount of BS water then it is fine. If not, then you could have used a minimal amount of BS water to make the GHRP-6 into a solution and then draw it up and inject it into a larger sterile vial and then add the additional amount of BS water for the desired concentration.

The concentration wanted is 50mcg per IU.

The vials have 5mgs each.

The formula given after I looked it up was this.

5mg vial=add 1cc or 1ml to get 1IU=50mcgs

So in turn 2 IU would get 100mcgs

Is that correct?

Thanks for the tip Dynamo. I was not sure if that would waste the product if you did that method but that is what I was thinking as well.

I am using my experience with hCG to determine if your calcualtions are correct. hCG comes measured by iu in 5000 iu, and 3000iu formats among others. With hCG, you simply add BS water to the 5000iu concentrate for example and then calculate how many iu/ml by depending on how much BS water you use.

Eg.: 5000iu hCG reconstituted with 5ml BS water = 1000iu per ml. 5000iu hCG reconstituted with 1ml BS water = 5000 iu per ml or 1000iu per 1/5th ml (0.2 ml). The same applies for any amount of BS water used.

That is why I find it funny that your GHRP-6 comes as 5mg and you are then obliged to convert to iu??

I really think you have to determine how many iu your GHRP-6 is before you reconstitute. That may involve knowing how many iu are in each mg of your GHRP-6. Once you determine the iu amount of your GHRP-6, it is a simple matter to reconsitute and keep track of how many iu per ml of your finished product.

You don’t need to know IU. It’s just units on an insulin syringe. On an insulin syringe, 1ml=100 units. You want to know how many mcg per unit so you can measure it out. Adding 1ml water to 5mg GHRP-6 would indeed make 50mcg per unit. I would however add more water and take more units. It makes it easier and more accurate because a little differnece in measurement doesn’t make such a huge difference in amount of product. I take the 5mg vials and add 3ml bac water. That way, 6 units on an insulin syringe equals 100mcg.

So what you are saying is that 1 iu (international unit) = 1 line on an insulin syringe?

Or is it that iu’s don’t really matter at all with GHRP-6 since it seems that the aim is to ascertain a certain amount of mcg per reconstituted dose?