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Reconstituted hCG Lasts at Least a Year

According to my endo all refrigerated proteins like hCG and insulin are safe to use for at least a year. He says the short expiry dates are just bureaucracy.

There’s a lot of people that seem to think differently. I don’t really see the need to try it. Why would you want to mix up that much?

A lot of times drugs and medical equipment have expiry dates that are very conservative to reduce the chance of something screwing up and the resulting lawsuit. Sometimes this time period borders on the absurd, I’ve seen meds 3 years out of date used successfully for some animals, ditto with sterile Hartmann’s that was 5 years out of date. So you might be fine. On the flip side, some do decompose into toxic substances. Unsure which category hCG and insulin fall into but I’d double check, and as dhickey said, why take the chance?

At 250iu EOD that’s 100 days to go through a 10,000 unit vial. At 250iu twice weekly you’re looking at 140 days. So even at the 80 days KSman has stated is safe you’re still throwing away almost half the hCG.

This guy knows his stuff and I trust his information.

I freeze mine …

[quote]swilk wrote:
I freeze mine … [/quote]

That was my plan too. There is damage to the peptides during freezing but I’ve seen some data that says it remains 80% bioavailable. But that’s why this is such great news. For me, 150iu E3D would be a sufficient dose and would last approx 200 days. At a 150/vial and 6.6 vials at 30 days apiece that’s a savings of $850! I’d say this is pretty significant.

This specialist covers the needs of most of the main Vancouver hospital here in BC and many treatments are for diabetics. A great deal of advancements in diabetic health management have come about recently and I’m sure this information comes from studying insulin months and years after expiry. Basically, a diabetic that runs out of insulin and has an expired vial(also 30 days refrigerated) can go ahead and safely administer a dose and avoid going into diabetic ketoacidosis.

I use mine until it’s gone, never had an issue in 3 years.

I totally agree. At least a year. I go through one or two vials a year and it works fine.

My personal experience is that I stopped feeling the benefits of HCG at about the 6 week mark. At 2 months I felt like total shit on the expired HCG. There were no other variables. I will never use it past week 6 again. I mean I felt almost like I did prior to starting TRT. Totally freaking awful. People are different, though. You could always try it and see how it goes for you? It really screwed me up though, I would not recommend it. As it relates to me at least, your endo’s information is incorrect.

Are you able to share your endo’s name? I’m looking for a good specialist who knows about hcg in Vancouver.

I think that the point is not to worry about it. Always use BA water, 0.9% benzyl alcohol and keep refrigerated. No need to freeze.

80 days at 250iu hCG EOD is 40 doses of 250iu
40 X 250 = 10,000
Somebody’s math fails.

I have seen hCG reconstituted in pharmacies and shipped out ruined by the shaking. Always recon at home.

What dose is best for you? With T+hCG or T+AI+hCG, hCG is not for making more T but supporting testicular size and allowing the scrotum to hang down normally. Some may need more than others and as one gets old, one may need more over time, and your wife may be the one who makes the point first. Some may do well with smaller doses too. 250iu EOD does have support of some deep and good science as a LH replacement dose. As hCG provides good mood support for many, perhaps that is a dose guide for some who are experimenting. High doses really must be avoided for reasons explained elsewhere.