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Reconstitued Peptide, Also ghrp-6 vs. Hex

How long can a reconstituted peptide last? I’ve heard that anything over a month and it’s going to be worthless, or atleast quite a bit less potent. If you need a specific peptide, think GHRP-6.

My other question is, has anyone had any experience with GHRP-6 and Hexarelin? What about from a mythical metal creature? Just wondering… been looking at them.

Edit: I have noted that GHRP-6 makes your appetite go up much more than Hex

Used G6 a fair bit - like it ONLY for the increase in appetite though - that said, eating in excess on G6 and eating in excess off G6 are not the same, i have less tendency to gain fat when i use G6…

If you do want to use it for the GH increase however, i would stack it with either CJC or yes, Hex. I would also add that if you are not wanting to gain weight, then G6 is likely not suitable.

I have not used that company but i would have no issues with doing so if i was to use companies like that…