Reconditioning Help

Ok all, I’ve been taking a sabbatical from the gym as work, school, and research deadlines build up around me. I’m starting back Monday, and I’m kind of at a loss as to how to approach my comeback.

I’ve been reading a bit about different programs. I’m a PLer, my goals are max strength oriented, but I’m not just going to jump back into WSB templates after three weeks off.

I’m looking for something to help the natural progression back to max strength oriented work. I would like to work on conditioning as well. Anyone have any favorite programs that they use to work back into condition?

Oh, and I would like to pound my hams and glutes to help bring them up for my wide stance squat.

So, any thoughts? I’ve been thinking about something full body, high freq. for the conditioning effect.


I know it’s not a favorite topic, but some ideas would be nice. Right now I’m looking at doing an olympic based routine for a couple weeks, simply for variety and the overall effect.

Honestly I think a few weeks of EDT using compounds starting LOW weight 12 rep max doign 5’s is an awesome way to bring conditioning up.

Do an upper lower of that and then a bit heavier upper and lower like 3 or 5 rep max for 3-4 weeks and then ease back into heavy shit that edt is like friggin crazy cardio with weights and will sky rocket your work capacity.